Language study for all

Our Luxembourgish Company LINGUISCO provides tailor-made language classes, on either a one-to-one basis or in groups, under the following terms and conditions

  1. Hourly price for a minimum of 4 consecutive hours (our hours are 50 minutes long): 50€ + 3% VAT.

  2. Hourly price for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours:   55€ + 3% VAT.

  3. Hourly price for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours:   59€ + 3% VAT.

  4. Price for one hour only: 64€ + 3% VAT.

  5. Travel expenses: 0.80€ per kilometre.

These prices refer to one-to-one classes or classes in a group limited to a maximum of 6 people.

We also provide Dutch and English lessons online (beginner or intermediate level) at the price of 5.50€ per hour, and then remote personalised educational support is offered at the price of 52€ per hour.

A free demonstration session is possible and valid for 2 days.

Our teachers give lessons in their mother tongue and are willing to travel to assess the needs of your collaborators.

AVIS DE SUSPENSION D'ACTIVITE There are no translations available.Chers Clients,   Le Conseil d’Administration a décidé de suspendre les cours ...