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Historique de Pro Linguis

Ecole de langues Thiaumont / Belgique

Since 1970, the village of Thiaumont has developed an international reputation for the promotion of language learning. Indeed, it was in 1970 that Monsieur Georges Peter, qualified as a teacher of Germanic philology, transformed his family home, a former post office, into a dynamic learning centre.        Anglais


Since then, the objectives of Pro Linguis have been met. Nestled in the shadow of the parish church, 3 new buildings can be found where the architecture and wide-open, green spaces fit in harmoniously with the rural landscape.  




Our teaching staff is made up of teachers from several continents, who give classes in their mother tongue.

Their varied experiences and cultural backgrounds allow us to meet a wide range of students’ objectives and also to provide high-quality education.


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