Language study for all


Pro Linguis is situated in the countryside, in the small village of Thiaumont, in Belgian Lorraine (see presentation).

Our classes end at 17:40 (see formulas and timetable), dinner is served at 19:00.
In the evenings, students can do the following, onsite,

    • - comfortably rest in the reading room;
    • - play music;
    • - younger students can play on Nintendo or PlayStation consoles;
    • - surf on the Internet in the assigned computer room;
    • - relax in an old converted cellar, where they can play pinball, pool, dance, drink non-alcoholic beverages, etc.;
    • - play table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, in the spaces available to them; 2 tennis courts, a football pitch, a 5-a-side football pitch, 2 volleyball courts, 1 basketball court, 1 badminton court, etc.;
    • - take part in cultural and sports activities, organised every evening by skilled youth leaders during the school holidays.
    - watch DVDs or television ( several sets are available);
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