Language study for all

We ask you:

- To be quiet in the dormitories, around the institute and in the village after 21:00.

- To maintain complete silence after 22:00 (and a reasonable level of volume before 21:00.

- To be in your bedroom at 22:30 (lights off at 23:00).

- Not to enter the boys’ building (for girls) / the girls’ building (for boys).

- To be responsible for your bedroom, including keeping it clean, and any damage caused during your stay.

- Not to bring any valuable objects; we shall not be held responsible for any loss and/or damage of your personal belongings.

- Not to enter the bedrooms during lesson times.

- To remain in the bedroom that was assigned to you, for the entirety of your stay.

- To ensure that you close the skylights when you leave your bedroom.

- Not to smoke anywhere inside the buildings.

- Not to bring any alcohol onto the premises.

- To only take paper, a pencil and a pen into the laboratory (pencil cases are not allowed). The state of the laboratories is supervised every 2 hours: any graffiti or damage found in a booth shall be severely punished.

- To notify the secretaries or the person responsible for your building in the case of illness.

- To notify the secretaries of any request to make amendments to the lessons.

- To confirm your departure at least 3 days in advance.

- To bring your luggage down from your rooms to studio 43B before 08:15 on the day of your departure.

- Not to leave the village of Thiaumont.

- Not to trespass on private property or on the premises of the village school.

- Not to go to the village bar (for students under 16).

- To wait for your parents at reception in the event of departure by car and to notify the secretaries of your departure time from the campus.

- Except in the event of written permission, signed by parents on the registration card or in an attached letter, no early departure of a minor on personal grounds or on grounds of force majeure shall be authorised. Our institute shall not be held responsible in the event that the time, date or means of departure does not correspond to the information indicated on the registration form or should such information not be indicated at all.

We provide you with:

- DVDs that you can borrow from the secretary’s office and watch in studios 20, 41B, 42B and 43B. You can also watch live television in studios 11 and 20.

- A PlayStation and a Nintendo in the converted cellar.

- INTERNET access in studio 42B, from Tuesday to Sunday from 18:30 to 22:00.

- A football pitch, two tennis courts, a basketball court, two volleyball courts, two badminton courts, a 5-a-side football pitch and a hockey pitch.

- A recreation room in our converted cellar, where you can play table tennis, pinball, listen to music.

- A canteen where you can have coffee or tea during the breaks at 10:10 and 15:40.

- A music room (piano, violin, etc.).

- Sports and cultural activities organised every evening at the institute during the school holidays (July-August).

- A minibus at the times indicated in the brochure. Outside of these hours, you will be charged for using this service.





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