Language study for all

Pro Linguis Thiaumont / Belgique

Our method and objective

Our progressive method combines both structure and spontaneous expression.  Priority is given to oral expression although it also allows for written expression to be worked on in the case of specific needs.

Our teachers are experienced linguists who strive to transmit their passion for their mother tongue.

Upon evaluating each participant’s level through informal tests carried out on the first day of each course, groups of homogeneous levels are set up with a maximum of 12 students per group and an average of 6 students.

The timetable for groups of less than 4 students includes, per half-day, 50 minutes of oral expression exercises with a teacher, 50 minutes of written exercises, as well as 2 periods of 50 minutes in the audio or multimedia language laboratory.

The varied nature of the exercises carried out in the language laboratory is ideal for developing knowledge of structures, particularly as they often cover the same patterns as those seen with the teacher, which in turn leads to a more natural use of the language studied.

Such systematic repetition and language development exercises can often become tiresome during conversation periods and lead to demotivation, whereas in fact these periods are aimed at further developing the language acquired in the laboratory and dealing with questions / corrections where necessary.

All dialogues or texts covered in the laboratory also serve as effective instruments for developing listening comprehension.

Students can listen to several different voices and as a result become used to hearing and understanding a variety of accents.  Such exercises are extremely efficient, in particular, when preparing for a listening comprehension examination.

Furthermore, the oral summaries that students are asked to give in the laboratory, based on the dialogues or texts heard, force them to memorise new vocabulary and use it in the correct context.

In addition to all of these advantages, the laboratory allows everyone to work at his or her own rhythm, to review a grammatical structure not seen in the group classes or simply study a grammar point above the level of the group. Everything acquired in the laboratory (pronunciation, intonation, structures, listening comprehension and vocabulary) can then be further developed in the conversation class where the emphasis is on guided oral expression, which encourages spontaneous participation.  As a result, learners gain confidence and progressively manage to freely express themselves on a given subject, ask themselves questions, give their opinion, debate, etc.

A wide variety of recreational activities in the afternoon also encourage students to participate spontaneously. The student thereby "lives" the language and it becomes transferred to his or her long term memory.

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